(This is my way of sharing info as a single guy - it is a page from another site that I am a 'member' at
which I have edited to make it merely generic and informative - and if you recognize the format then
you've probably visited that site too !)((Sorry if it is a little messy...))

smallhagrid : Have you ever wished...?  
 Me and Tyler
(There's supposed to be a picture of me and Tyler up ^ there !!!) 
Resides in: Lamoille county Vermont
Sign: Capricorn
56 year old man
5' 9" (175 cm)
Body Type: Muscular
Religion: None
Smoker? No, never.
Do you drink? No
Do you do drugs? No
Do you have a car?  Yes
Marital Status: Single
Profession: independent tech. consultant and handyman.

About Me:
Have you ever wished that living could be more like the stories in fiction books - you know, where people are
just a bit more on the good side and they cooperate in shrinking the bad/greedy/nasty villainous stuff down to
at least a tolerable level (or even vanquish it for a time !) ?
How about a world like Pern where people MUST get along and work in a fairly harmonious way or they
would risk extinction - where they work hard when they do; and at the times of merriment they are simply
happy; and the rest of the time it is simply unthinkable to be other than connected with their families and
I know I would love to live in such a place - would you ?
(Yes, I am a man who enjoys fiction and I also think this life would be a better one if it more resembled such stories...)

My most sincere & important question:
Are there any REAL women who read and respond via the internut ?

Let me define that a bit because it may be a bit vague...

Real, as in -> a woman over her 30's who lives within a reasonable distance in (or very near to) Vermont, who is free
of any bad addictions, mature enough to be done looking for the nearest party/tavern/stonerfest; someone who is
not only capable, but actually enjoys having intelligent conversations (even over the email), and whose main focus
in life is to have a happy one whether or not there is/has been/will be a man there who has a ready paycheck to
spend - and most of all, the biggie:
Someone who desires long term companionship rather than just short sexual liaisons with different strangers.

A little about me - I am free of all alcohol, drugs, tobacco; have long-term self employment, enjoy most of the
usual sorts of harmless entertainment (especially when there is someone to share with); Can and will cook, clean,
and reciprocate in the important things with an affectionate partner who also takes pleasure in doing for each
other in the interests of gaining shared happiness.

I am looking for a life partner and that excludes all the usual nutty variations of 'just friends', FWB, and all the
unreal manifestations of internet buddies for just email, and that lazy thing that people call chatting, or anything fake.
(1 d0N'7 $P34K (H47$P34K !)((If you can read that then you likely know why I think it is awful...))

If you are into going drinking now and then, politics, all sorts of sports or religion then I think that is fine, and
I'll have the dinner ready to share with you when you get home (but I'll take a pass on doing those other things).

I will confess right away to being a person who stays out of the hot sun and who actually enjoys the cooler seasons
as well as moving snow when it is around.

I am interested in meeting a woman who, similarly to myself is not into drama and who is open and available for
the kind of relationship I've outlined above.
If she has children they would either be mostly grown, or independent enough so that she is truly free to spend
time together easily.

Having some notions of metaphysical reality and a clear sense of connectedness with the Universe is well among
those things I consider very respectable, attractive and important.

Lastly - I am neither Brad Pitt nor Mel Gibson and I expect that you will not be barbie; at the same time I am
neither a couch potato nor a big chunk of sloth and I take decent care of my body so as not to become a huge
pile of flab and I do desire the company of a woman who has also stayed in some kind of relatively decent shape.

I have met people before and heard the thing about neglecting themselves for 20 years 'for the sake of the kids'
and if that is your life mission then I respect you for it; and if you've worked to get past the various effects of that
neglect then you are an amazing person in my opinion -> but I respectfully decline to meet anyone who remains
in such a state of disrepair.

I hope all that is not too scary and that there will be that one real person who'll resonate with it and contact me.
If we actually meet:
Ideally, when at last we meet - the eyes make contact, the world sort of  spins a wee bit, then it just sort of.....gets
less important, and we proceed into our own world, much happier for it's actual existence !

So, after reading all this you'd like to contact me, go:  Here