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OK, I started that morning in Stowe, and though it isn't easy to tell, these icycles are actually well nigh 10 feet long - and I only wish I'd gotten a pic of them before so many fell because this building's back is usually a wall of huge icycles !

More of the same - these hang next to a small path connecting 2 buildings and are actually about 7 feet long.

On the way out of Stowe now, heading into Morrisville, on a section of road which locals refer to as Ricketson's Flats after the family that owns that farm seen 1/2 way up the road here. They have the fields on both sides of the highway, and often non-locals get angry at the times the 50 MPH road must totally stop for a cow crossing !


Just another view of their fields with the hills behind...

Same field, tried to get a better view - it was actually much brighter than the camera managed to catch right then...

180 degrees from the last shot, facing the direction of Stowe - the small looking building is actually a good sized barn on the next road over, viewed across one of their fields.


The sun prevented any pics of the middle of Morrisville in this direction, so this is a shot after it, with a school building on the left, heading towards Elmore for morning chores...

Same spot as the last shot, only it is easy to tell I was in the car and the glare from ythe morning sun is now visible.

The glare was so intense in this one that the camera had to darken the whole shot !


Further up the road, heading for a spot maybe 1/2 way up that hill which is actually Mt. Elmore - the road goes towards the left as it rises...

Tyler in his stall, with his blanket on (it was near 0F that morning...) and his head is down because he is eating.

Taj in his stall, to the left of Tylers...


Now both, and Ty is wondering WTH the 2-legger is doing NOW !?

A view to the left of the barn with the top of Mt. Elmore in the distance...

Their hillside field with their hay already down for the day's warming food,