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Ty is now done and thinkin about which pile he'll claim - when in reality they usually play a funny game of chase from pile to pile for a while after eating...

Yep, this one'll do....for now !

Another view of the top of Elmore in the distance with the teenie looking houses at the lake level below the peak.


More of the same...

The houses are more visible in this one....

In between the yellow house and the rising land farther off is the white which is actually Lake Elmore with it's thick ice.


More of the same, just to the right of the other shot...

The neighbor's driveway and plow drifts with the village of Elmore, what little of it as there is, in the distance...

Ayup, 'tis pretty for shore !


Look hard for the house at the bottom of this shot...!

View from the beach side of the lake, if it were visible the yellow house sits at the left of this view, and what is seen ahead is where the guys plow the ice for skating and snowmobiling - this shot was taken on a made-for-winter only driveway just above the shore - maybe those guys drive their trucks on that ice, but my car will stay safely back, thank you very much !

A farther view showing the other shore in the distance looking off towards the Worcester range towards Montpelier...


Yep - this is almost a straight shot actually, with rising land - if I'd had the camera perfectly level the lake would've been about 10 degrees flatter !

There's that plowed area, much more visible - with the hill where Ty and Taj live in the very farthest distance !

More of the same...